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The fastest, easiest and most reliable way to obtain permanent residence and US citizenship, or settle immediately
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in the US.

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Earn immediate residence via an $800,000 EB-5 Investor Visa Loan.

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They are true EB-5 experts. They really helped me and my family understand the EB-5 Program, know our options and make the right decisions through the entire process. We felt safe and in good hands at all times.

Why EB5 Ready?

Free EB-5 visa advisory. No additional cost for qualified investors

Neutral and unbiased: No commitment with any one project or regional center

Structured client-focused process

Guidance and support through the entire process:

– Complete explanation about the EB-5 visa program
– Several projects and investment alternatives verified and compared
– Close collaboration with the best US immigration lawyers

Exclusive EB-5 Project Evaluation and Risk Minimization Methodology

More than 20 years of combined experience

100% success rate

Local presence throughout Latin America

Several languages spoken: English, Spanish, Portuguese and Hebrew

Hundreds of satisfied clients

This might be the fastest
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The EB-5 program has become the most popular residency program in the world.


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EB-5 Visa

EB-5 Benefits

EB 5 Ready - Fast

It's Fast; Move to the USA legally tomorrow if you qualify

With the new concurrent filing regulation, a qualified EB-5 investor can apply today.

EB 5 Ready - Road

Direct path to the Green Card for you and your family

Unlike any other option, the EB-5 visa provides EB-5 investors, their spouse and unmarried children under the age of 21 with a Fast, Direct & Secure Path to a U.S. permanent residence.

EB 5 Ready - USA Flag

Guaranteed potential for US citizenship

After five years of permanent residence in the United States, you and your family are eligible to become citizens with many other benefits such as a US Passport.

EB 5 Ready - Safe Plane

Security to travel freely

Feel safe at home or wherever you travel, domestically or abroad.

EB 5 Ready - House

Freedom to live and work anywhere, or not work at all

You and your family can live and work anywhere in the US, or simply retire, without any personal or professional obligation.

EB 5 Ready - Investment

No language, education, sponsorship or work visa required

The only requirements are related to the investment.

EB 5 Ready - Education

Broad access to the US education system

Access to US universities at local discount rates for US residents and become eligible for special grants and scholarships at some of the world’s top universities. In addition, access to the free public school system for children from kindergarten to university.

EB 5 Ready - Medicine

Entitlement programs

Access to US entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

EB-5 Projects

Here are some of the EB-5 investment projects that we have carefully selected for you,
using our exclusive methodology. The best qualified investments available in the market.

Here are some of the EB-5 investment projects that we have carefully selected for you, using our exclusive methodology.The best qualified investments available in the market.

Rural Hyatt Hotel in Texas

Luxury Hotel & Condominium in California

Unique Diversified EB-5 Investment Fund

High-End Rural Community in Utah

Residential Building Almost Completed in Florida

EB-5 Investor Visa Qualification

Want to qualify yourself for an EB-5 approval?
Ask yourself these questions:

Do I have $800,000 (or $1.05 million for non-TEA – Targeted Employment Area) to invest for 4-7 years?

Do I meet the Accredited Investor Status Requirement?

Can I provide the last 7 years of tax returns and show a traceable, unambiguous source of funds path of where my EB5 investment and administration fee originated from?

Do I have additional capital available for government Filing Fees, Attorney Fees, and Administrative Fees?

Do I know if I want to live in the US, and if so, when I would like to be living in the US and for how long every year?

Have I spoken with an EB5 Ready source of funds specialist to pre-qualify myself before wasting any money?

Do I understand all the risks involved with EB-5?

Have I taken the appropriate steps to mitigate my EB-5 investment risk by hiring an independent EB-5 project analyst?

Do my beneficiaries have a compatible immigration strategy?

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